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Decadium Studios, created, in 2004, had a start in a computer lab in Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, a brazilian federal university, where a group of Computer Science students decided to invest in their intent of creating games. From this initiative came the first Decadium's game, Ryudragon, a turn-based web-mmo.

Since then, Decadium has acquired extensive experience and knowledge in digital entertainment and digital interactive systems, from 2D Flash Games to 3D games built on top of commercial game engines. Decadium has also acquired experience in several kinds of commercial platforms and engines, including frameworks for PHP, Java, C++ and ActionScript. The company keeps, as a part of its internal structure, a team of talented and experienced artists which worked on all of Decadium's projects, providing concept art, 2d art, 3d modeling and animation as well as general graphic design.

If you are looking for a creative company that can add interactivity, technology and quality to your projects, Decadium is your ideal partner.