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In Blurred Memories, the history of Marion is unraveled piece by piece as the 7 errors in each scene are found.

In this game, the player compares two images and needs to find the differences to advance. Who is the person that appears on the photos? What is the story behind those memories? Little by little everything clears up, but the player must be careful: if his time runs out, he must find 7 new errors in the same scene.

  • Casual gameplay linked to an engrossing story;
  • 15 unique levels which tell a story little by little;
  • 10 power-ups to controle time, receive tips and increase the score;
  • The player must be quick to earn more points, but is penalized by clicking in the wrong places;
  • Includes a multiplayer mode for up to 8 players.


Title: Blurred Memories

Developer: Decadium Studios


Year of Release: 2010

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