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On Dino Volley, the player chooses between several dinosaurs (and a human) to complete on a pre-historic voleyball match.

Four different characters play volei with pterodactyl eggs - their goal is to make the egg fall in the adversary's side. The player must be careful, however, because if he hits the egg too much it will eventually break and ruin his defense. The player who reaches 15 points first wins the game. If the player chooses to play on his own then he will have to face several challengers while moving up the ladder to face the triceratop.

  • 4 selectable characters with different characteristics;
  • 10 different power-ups;
  • 2-player online multiplayer mode;
  • Global ranking and achievements.


Title: Dino Volley

Developer: Decadium Studios


Year of Release: 2010

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