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Based on an original pitch from Decadium and developed in a partnership with Playfirst, one of the most important casual game publishers in the market, the game Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets explores the world of celebrities.

In this game, the player helps Gaby abandon her boring, dead-end job and join the world of celebrity gossip. The player discovers secrets while tracking Hollywood celebrities, following leads and solving puzzles that reveal scandalous details to be published on Gaby's block. From stars' weddings to hot love triangles, the bigger the story, the more readers are attracted to the blog and the closer the player gets to become the most famous celebrity blogger of Hollywood!

  • 40 Hollywood-themed screens with hidden characters to find;
  • 1200 funny and unique characters for the player to look for;
  • 40 unique puzzles and mini-games to be played;
  • 15 ways to customize the blog.


Title: Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

Developer: Decadium Studios

Publisher: Playfirst

Year of Release: 2009

Platforms: Windows/MacOS

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