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Albatros Overload is Decadium's version of a game from the populat Yetisports series developed for 7Games.

On this fun game, Yeti must throw a penguin up with a trampoline so it gets caught by an albatross in mid-flight. From there, controlling the albatross, the player must flap its wings to take the penguin as far as possible. Flying closer to the ground makes the bird go faster, while flying high makes for a longer, safer flight - the secret of the game is in knowing how to use the wings at the right times.

  • 10 exclusive power-ups to increase flight lenght in several ways;
  • Online multiplayer;
  • Global ranking and achievements.


Title: Yetisports Albatros Overload

Developer: Decadium Studios


Year of Release: 2010

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